Published On: Thu, Nov 30th, 2017

AT&T’s LTE-M Button is fundamentally a programmable 4G Amazon Dash Button for businesses

Alexa’s not a usually Amazon skill that’s removing a workplace member during this week during AWS Re:Invent. The LTE-M Button isn’t branded as a Dash Button, though it works in most a same way. Basically it’s a hunk of cosmetic which, when pressed, will perform one specific charge — namely shopping things online.

Unlike all of a pre-programmed Dash Buttons, this ATT and AWS Web Services corner ships as a purify slate. A association buys a thing and programs tasks in regulating Amazon’s AWS IOT service. The thought here is that instead of, say, shopping a box of Goldfish crackers, businesses can sequence bureau reserve or put in some other arrange of work ask by attack a button.

The other large differentiator here is a inclusion of LTE-M — IOT-focused 4G. That means businesses will be means to use a buttons where there’s no WiFi. That arrange of underline is profusion in a home setting, though creates clarity off-site in, say, a construction site.

The buttons are due out during some indicate in a initial entertain of subsequent year. No word nonetheless on final pricing, though a special graduation cost is $30 for a initial 5,000 sold. That’s several times a customary $5 cost for Amazon’s far-reaching operation of branded Dash Buttons, though these are apparently most some-more of a speciality product that both includes LTE connectivity and isn’t subsidized by all of a things you’re going to buy with it.

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