Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2019

Attack On Titan 2: Final Battle Officially Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

Bought a initial diversion for a other half as partial of her birthday present fast about a year ago as she is a outrageous fan of this uncover and anime in general. Turns out we done a mistake of grouping from a GameStop website as a PowerUp Rewards use member. After about a month and a half a diversion still hadn’t arrived and her birthday was entrance up, so we email a GameStop support residence Monday morning interrogation about a standing of a order, as a tracking showed as Not Processed as if a package had never been sent to a postal service, and we don’t get a response. Two emails after and still no response perceived by that Friday (to date we still haven’t been emailed back, and yes, it was a scold email address).

I let her know about a bizarrely-stalled order, she’s excellent with it. Two or 3 months go by and we get a minute in a mail from GameStop informing me my “case” has been combined to an ongoing authorised box involving other business opposite GameStop for disaster to boat orders. we couldn’t make this things adult if we tried! Still haven’t perceived a game, possibly lol. You would consider it would be a million times easier from a use standpoint to simply place a video diversion box in an pouch and mail it than it would to collect a customer’s sequence information and pass it on to a lawyer. I’ve been inside mixed GameStops given though I’ve motionless not to press a emanate in person, as we have to doubt that a partner manager behind a table will know what’s going on if we uncover them a minute and a duplicate of a now year-old order. Maybe I’ll accept a duplicate of a diversion someday before my eighties!

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