Published On: Mon, Aug 21st, 2017

Attack on Titan 2 Announced, Will Release in Early 2018

KOEI TECMO usually announced that Omega Force is building Attack on Titan 2, a supplement to 2016’s diversion desirous by a renouned manga.

We usually have a brief overview from a press release, accompanied by a few screenshots and a teaser trailer.

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Building on a fast-paced transformation a array is famous for, and featuring an contentment of new gameplay mechanics, a retaining supplement will be expelled opposite America as ATTACK ON TITAN 2 in Early 2018. Players will once again enclose a eminent Omni-Directional Manoeuver Gear as they quarrel and repel a fearsome Titans that bluster humanity, to revive assent within a walls.

While some-more information about a game’s release, platforms, and account will be denounced in a entrance weeks, KOEI TECMO has expelled an immersive teaser trailer featuring famous scenes from a comics and anime, entirely rendered with in-game graphics.

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The initial installment was reviewed by Francesco, who rated a diversion 7.2/10 and stated:

Attack On Titan is really a many engaging Omega Force grown penetrate and condense game, interjection to a singular transformation complement and fight mechanics that need some-more than elementary symbol mashing. Sadly, this doesn’t forestall a diversion from apropos repeated due to unexcited maps and miss of goal variety. The diversion offers copiousness of fun anyway, usually don’t design a masterpiece that can still feel uninformed after 20 or some-more hours.

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