Published On: Sun, Apr 26th, 2020

Atooi Explains Reasoning Behind Chicken Wiggle Workshop Name Change

Hatch TalesHatch Tales

After a successful Kickstarter, Atooi recently motionless to change a name of a arriving Switch release, Chicken Wiggle Workshop. It’s now strictly famous as Hatch Tales. At a time, a developer pronounced it was to equivocate patron confusion. Over on a central Atooi website, a reason for this preference has been explained in full by Jools Watsham.

I mostly try to step behind from a projects and viewpoint them from an outward perspective. we ask myself, “How competence this diversion seem to a newcomer?” First impressions are impossibly critical with games. Many players’ initial assembly with a new diversion is on a digital store, such as a Nintendo Switch eShop. The eShop banner! The eShop ensign is so important, and we don’t cruise that can be overstated. The pursuit of an eShop ensign is to promulgate what a diversion is in an sparkling and ominous demeanour while perplexing to mount out from a sea of other banners that approximate it, so a usually doubt left for a patron is “Am we meddlesome in this?” It should never leave a actor with a question, “What is this?”

When we stepped divided and looked behind during Chicken Wiggle Workshop from an outsider’s perspective, one thing was clear. The name is confusing. It is fun, sure. It’s a bit silly, too, that is fine. But, we feel that it creates some-more questions than it answers. What is Chicken Wiggle? Is it a dance? What is Workshop? Is this a building game? What form of diversion is this? The fact that a diversion originated on a 3DS will be opposite to many newcomers, so a thought that there is code recognition is sadly not something a diversion can leverage.

Although a turn builder is a “huge component” within a game, it’s some-more of a reward than a categorical feature. The name Hatch Tales also suggests there’s some-more story calm than before:

Change can be tough. It can be formidable to let go of what we once felt gentle with, though we wish we can join me in (eventually) embracing a new name. we cruise it matches a diversion ideally and helps put a importance on a journey aspect of a game, that is unequivocally during a heart of a game. The turn builder is a outrageous member of a game, for sure, though we feel it will be appreciated by players some-more when it is detected as a tasty reward instead of being a categorical underline of a game.

For a purists and detail-hounds out there, yes, a categorical character’s name is now Hatch, that means Hatch Tales is fundamentally observant tales about Hatch. 😊 However, it can also be seen from a opposite perspective, that is rather exciting, when we cruise a turn creator. Each turn a actor creates could be deliberate a tiny tale, that they hatched. Players can induce tales, too!

One other tiny tease, before we go. The name, Hatch Tales, is plural. Could this meant there is some-more story calm than before? Hm, we wonder…

If we haven’t played a 3DS original, Hatch Tales is described as a pier of it with new HD design and retro graphics. All a levels combined in a 3DS chronicle will apparently be featured in a arriving Switch release, that is not nonetheless dated. For some-more information about this project, check out a central Kickstarter page.

What do we cruise of a name change? Share your thoughts down below.

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