Published On: Tue, Dec 5th, 2017

As tbh recognition wanes, Facebook launches ‘Did You Know’ amicable questionnaire

Facebook wants we to share a bit some-more about yourself on your profile, so now it’s rising a new underline to web and mobile users called “Did You Know,” where we can answer questions about yourself to idea friends into your secrets, dreams, goals and feelings.

As people behind divided from statuses and concentration some-more on pity articles, videos and photos, this underline offers an event for users to answer questions about themselves some-more directly. So many of Facebook’s new efforts to change how people customize their profiles have seemed to get buried in a clutter. The fundamental share-ability of this competence play a bit nicer given a visibility; we can share with a customized colorful backgrounds that FB has pushed on a statuses already.

This underline also unequivocally seems like a early stages of something that could lead to some-more worldly advertiser profiles, though during a impulse a questions are overtly flattering hokey. Here’s a smattering of a questions Facebook pronounced could cocktail adult in a “did we know?” section:

  • The superpower we wish many is…
  • The initial thing I’d do after winning a lottery is…
  • A guilty pleasure that I’m peaceful to acknowledge to is…
  • Mondays make me feel like…

The underline is all a tad suggestive of what tbh was doing to confederate seeking users light and accessible questions about their friends. This is a other side of a coin, seeking users to speak some-more about themselves.

Tbh, that Facebook acquired in October, has tight in a App Store ratings, dropping from being a No. 1 downloaded app around when it was purchased to being a 771st most-downloaded app in a U.S. currently, according to App Annie data. The startup pronounced it had 2.5 million daily active users when Facebook acquired it.

tbh App Annie rankings

A healthy volume of these facilities eventually seem to find themselves as dead-ends, though Facebook is apparently looking to try how it can impel users to get some-more gentle responding questions about themselves and their friends. It’s apparent because they would wish to build this form of relationship, though either they’ll find success with apps like tbh and this new form underline stays a bit unclear.

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