Published On: Tue, Jul 19th, 2016

Army Special Operations Command reportedly ditching Android for iPhone in a field

While a typical proof belligerent of a smartphone might be a meant streets of a city, inclination are to be found on a margin of battle, too — and if a news from DoDBuzz is to be believed, Android might shortly be giving approach to iOS for some special operations forces.

According to a source “not certified to pronounce to a media,” a Samsung device that acts as a mind of a Android Tactical Assault Kit is a clunker. It lags, freezes, and needs to be restarted too often; a iPhone 6S, apparently, is faster and smoother.

A separate shade perspective of a drone’s live video and a map display a route, for instance is improved on Apple hardware, a source said: “It’s seamless on a iPhone. The graphics are clear, unbelievable.”

If a switch took place, a ATAC would turn a iTAC, during slightest for certain Army special operations margin work.

Now, a savvy reader might have questions, such as: only who done this rubbish Android app that crashes all a time? What indication is a Samsung they’re replacing? Is Android unequivocally a problem here? Reader, we had a same questions, and I’ve destined them to Army Special Operations Command.

And even if a gossip is true, this is only one partial of special ops, which, as a name indicates, is not a largest organisation in a Army, let alone a whole military.

Featured Image: US Army

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