Published On: Wed, Apr 3rd, 2019

ARMS Meets Rocket League In Upcoming Switch Game Super Buckyball Tournament

My Time during Portia, has currently suggested a subsequent project. The game’s called Super Buckyball Tournament and – on a surface, during slightest – a whole thing looks incredibly familiar.

The diversion is a third-person, online multiplayer, transformation sports soccer game, environment itself detached from normal sports titles by charity “full physics-based round transformation and passing”. Players will have to work with any other to emanate opportunities to measure and afterwards forestall a antithesis from scoring.

If you’ve watched a trailer above, you’ll see that a familiarities with Rocket League are obvious, right down to a blue and orange colouring. According to a press recover sent out today, however, it’s also desirous by a likes of ARMS and Super Mario Kart.

“Inspired by a likes of “Arms”, “Super Mario Kart” and “Rocket League”, a actor will knowledge sparkling and heated foe in Super Buckyball Tournament. There are 8 singular heroes to select from, and any favourite has a singular energy to pass, score, or conflict a hostile team’s players. Items will also incidentally parent during a diversion to give a actor an additional boost during play. These embody shields, homing missiles, bombs, and more! The diversion simulates real-time production and collisions. Teams with good teamwork will have an advantage!”


Pathea Games says that a diversion will strike Early Access on Steam in late 2019, before receiving full support for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch when a diversion is entirely released.

What do we think? An engaging concept? Share your thoughts with us below.

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