Published On: Tue, Jun 30th, 2020

ARMS Dev Celebrates Min Min’s Arrival In Smash Ultimate With Some New Artwork


It’s another special impulse for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with currently imprinting a recover of a ARMS impression Min Min. This also happens to be utterly an sparkling time for a growth group behind ARMS and to applaud this really special occasion, it’s common an all-star illustration.

@SmashBrosJP In decoration of a distribution, we also prepared a conflict painting drawn by a ARMS growth team!

This illusory square of design (above) follows on from a sketch of Min Min and Captain Falcon slurping down ramen together. This painting was common over on a central Japanese ARMS Twitter criticism final week.

Smash Bros. X Arms IllustrationSmash Bros. X Arms Illustration@ARMS_Cobutter

When Masahiro Sakurai announced Min Min would be entrance to Smash, he also common a overwhelming charcterised trailer formed on a same scene. If we haven’t already seen it, take a look:

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