Published On: Fri, Aug 14th, 2015

Apple’s Tim Cook On Latest Diversity Numbers: There’s “A Lot More Work To Be Done”

Apple only expelled a new farrago news with information about a race, gender and racial makeup of a company. Even yet a association is still mostly white (54 percent) in a U.S., it’s earnest to see that, of Apple’s hires in a final year, 11 percent have been black, 13 percent have been Hispanic and 19 percent have been Asian.

Worldwide, Apple’s workforce is still primarily masculine (69 percent), though, that commission has gotten slightly improved over a final year. In a past year, 35 percent of Apple’s new tellurian hires were women.

More specifically, Apple hired some-more than 2,200 black employees in a U.S., that is 50 percent more than Apple hired over a final year, Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote in a open letter. Worldwide, Apple hired 11,000 women, that is 65 percent more than it hired in a prior year.

“In total, this represents a largest organisation of employees we’ve ever hired from underrepresented groups in a singular year,” Cook wrote.

Here’s a demeanour during Apple’s stream farrago breakdown:

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 during 1.32.29 PM

versus final year:

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 during 1.57.53 PM

This news comes only one day after Apple announced a partnership with CODE2040, a nonprofit classification that aims to boost a series of underrepresented minorities in a tech industry.

And even yet these numbers do paint slight progress, there’s still some-more to be finished and Cook recognizes that:

We are unapproachable of a swell we’ve made, and a joining to farrago is unwavering. But we know there is a lot some-more work to be done.

Some people will review this page and see a progress. Others will commend how most over we have to go. We see both. And some-more critical than these statistics, we see tens of thousands of Apple employees all over a world, vocalization dozens of languages, operative together. We applaud their differences and a many advantages we and a business suffer as a result.

You can review Cook’s full minute here.

Featured Image: Mike Deerkoski/Flickr UNDER A CC BY 2.0 LICENSE

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