Published On: Sat, Aug 8th, 2015

Apple’s Next iPhone Rumored To Debut On Sep 9th


I’m not a betting male — though if someone were to contend “Quick! When will Apple announce a subsequent iPhone?!” I’d contend September. It’s… only what they do.

Sure enough: word around a gossip indent is now that a subsequent proclamation will come on Sep 9.

No central invites have been sent out yet, though a quite-often-correct John Paczkowski is observant that Apple is formulation an eventuality for a week of Sep 7, with a 9th now looking many likely.

Whatever competence they announce during this special event?

The iPhone 6 was announced in Sep 2014.

The iPhone 5s was announced in Sep 2013.

The iPhone 5 was announced in Sep 2012.

You can see where I’m going here. If Apple is to entrance an iPhone in 2015, it’ll substantially occur in September.

These dates also line adult with prior rumors that Apple was operative on an AppleTV proclamation for September, loitering a entrance pronounced to have been creatively designed for WWDC.

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