Published On: Fri, Jun 15th, 2018

Apple’s new Mac ads uncover that even Grimes uses dongles

Apple has launched a new promotion debate for a Mac called “behind a Mac”. In this campaign, a association is pity user stories of people regulating Mac for work, artistic projects and accessibility reasons.

The Mac is a versatile platform. People use it for tedious tasks, such as checking emails and browsing a web. But we can also use it for large of other things. Apple wants to uncover we what we can do with a Mac over Word and Excel.

Apple has common 4 videos today. The initial is a 60-second summation of a 3 other videos. Each standalone video is a mural of someone who is regulating a Mac each day. There will be 12 portraits in sum on Apple’s website.

Peter Kariuki is a developer who combined an iPhone app to urge highway reserve in Rwanda. Bruce Hall is a photographer who is legally blind and uses photography to see some-more sum of a outward world. And Grimes is one of a many engaging song artists out there.

There are a few engaging things to note. All 3 are regulating laptops. It’s transparent that MacBooks have turn a many renouned computers from Apple. It doesn’t meant that Apple should desert a iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Mini and Mac Pro. But usually a fragment of Apple’s business will buy them.

It’s also engaging to see that zero of a Macs have been updated in a final twelve months. Apple has zero new to sell on a Mac front. And it’s a bit worrying that a association is starting a new promotion debate right now. Maybe there won’t be any Mac refurbish for during slightest a few months.

And if you’re now regulating a new MacBook or MacBook Pro, we competence be regulating foolish dongles right now to block accessories to USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports. The good news is that, yes, even Grimes has to use dongles.

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