Published On: Tue, Apr 21st, 2020

Apple’s Magic Keyboard Review: Laptop category typing comes to iPad Pro

Over a past dual years, I’ve typed scarcely any word I’ve created while roving on a iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard Folio. For some-more on why, we can see my iPad Pro examination here.

  1. It was reliable, impossibly durable and never once unsuccessful me.
  2. It kind of stunk in any other way.

The Keyboard Folio’s cosmetic coated aspect finished it cool to spills, yet it also finished a keys most reduction responsive. It rendered them incompetent to give your fingers a feedback required to endorse that a pivotal had been struck, heading me to adopt a technique where we only strike any pivotal with extent strength during all times.

The new Magic Keyboard is as opposite from that device as a new MacBook Pro keyboards are from a low form ones that dominated headlines over a final integrate of years. It’s a outrageous burst brazen in usability for a iPad Pro — and for final year’s model, too.

I am unequivocally relieved we don’t have to impact my fingers onto a cosmetic keyboard anymore. Over prolonged and quick typing sessions we could feel a insensibility that would start to illuminate from a tips of my fingers a bit. An weakness of sorts. It wasn’t precisely painful, yet it was noticeable.

The Magic Keyboard offers a lovely, backlit rug that binds a possess opposite a 16” MacBook Pro and a new MacBook Air for best unstable keyboards. The pivotal transport is glorious — in between a dual laptops in my opinion — and a feel is tight, manageable and precise. This is a initial category typing experience, full stop.

I’ve been contrast a 3 keyboards alongside one another for a past few days, and we can’t highlight adequate how fast a keys are. Even a MacBook Air allows a small bit of pivotal change if we reason your finger to it and kindly round it — yet a MacBook Pro is better. There’s such a tiny volume of that here that it’s roughly imperceptible.

It’s a tad spongier than a 16” MBP yet some-more organisation than a MacBook Air, that has a bit some-more lapse and travel. In my opinion, this keyboard is “louder” (due to a cosmetic surrounding being some-more musical than a aluminum) than a 16” MBP, yet about a same as a MacBook Air. The chuck feels identical to a 16” though, with a Air being somewhat deeper yet “sloppier.”

So a hybrid between those dual keyboards as distant as feel goes, yet a transparent successor of a work that was finished to spin those offerings around.


Among my biggest concerns was that Apple would get overly crafty with a hinge design, creation a typing an practice in wobble. Happy to contend here that they took a transparent trail here and finished it as stout as possible, even if that was during a cost of variability.

The hinge is a elementary extent stop pattern that opens distant reduction than you’d pattern and afterwards allows a second hinge to rivet to open in an arc between a 80 and 130 degrees. The 90 grade and entirely open positions fundamentally impersonate a angles that were offering by a grooves of a Keyboard Folio — yet now we can select any in-between position that feels healthy to you.

Apple has apparently put this tough stop overlay out extent in place to say change on tables and laps, and a crafty use of opposite hostile army with a second hinge combines to extent tipping and to make typing on a path finally a totally viable thing to do. The fact that we don’t have to produce a keyboard to form also creates this a softened proposition.

For typing, these positions should be only excellent for a immeasurable infancy of users. And a plain (very high friction) hinge means that a whole thing is very stout feeling, even with some-more relocating parts. we have been utterly gentle grabbing a whole public of a 12.9” iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard by a rug of a keyboard and carrying it around, most in a proceed I’d lift a laptop. No worries about random floppiness or detachment.

At a same time, a new pattern that floats a iPad in a atmosphere allows we to fast cocktail it off with small bid by possibly your left or right hand. This creates a Magic Keyboard take on a use box of a desktop-based dock, something that never felt right with a Keyboard Folio.

The touchpad physically moves here, and is not a haptic pad, yet it is clickable opposite a whole surface. It’s also a laptop-class trackpad, proof that Apple’s engineering teams still have a softened suspicion about how to make a trackpad that works crisply and as approaching than any other hardware group out there.

I do adore a soothing reason cloaking of a box itself, yet we trust it will wear in a identical conform to these kinds of surfaces on other devices. It will expected rise glossy spots on possibly side of a trackpad on a palm rest areas.

The manageable half arrow keys are intensely welcome.

Some other details, quirks and top limits

The camera chain conditions is most softened here, as you’re reduction expected to reason a left side of a iPad to keep it stable. The lift of a keyboard (at times about an in. and a bit) means that a eye line, while still not ideal, is softened for wizz calls and a like. Less double chin adult a nose action. Apple should still pierce a iPad Pro’s camera on destiny versions.

The keyboard’s backlight liughtness is decent and tractable in a settings mirror once it’s trustworthy to iPad Pro. The section did use some-more battery in my tests, yet we haven’t had it prolonged adequate to allot any numbers to it. we did notice during a new Facetime call that a battery was dismissal faster than it could charge, yet that is so distant anecdotal, and we haven’t had a time to imitate it in testing. The charging pier does put energy by to a device during full speed though, according to some early testing.

This is not a box that artists have been watchful for. This box does not stagger around retrograde like a keyboard folio, definition that you’re going to be popping it off a box if you’re going to pull on it during all. In some ways a palliate of dismissal feels like an Apple concession: “Hey, we couldn’t fit all this in and a proceed to position it during a sketch angle, so we finished it unequivocally easy to get it loose.” It works, yet we wish that some-more sorcery happens between now and a subsequent iteration to find a proceed to offer both typing and sketch in one stable configuration.

A small quirk: when it’s slanted super distant behind to a full stop we infrequently scrape a bottom corner of a iPad with my fingers when attack numbers — could be my typing form or bigger hands yet we suspicion it was value mentioning.

It’s a bit heavy. At 700g for a 12.9” keyboard, it some-more than doubles a weight of a whole package. The incomparable iPad Pro and keyboard is fundamentally a weight of a MacBook Air. Get a 11” if weight is a concern. This keyboard creates a iPad 12.9″ package feel very chunky. The

The fact that this keyboard works on a comparison iPad Pro (the camera only floats inside a cutout) means that this is a fantastic ascent for existent users. It unequivocally creates a device feel like it got a outrageous ascent though carrying to buy a new core unit, that fits with Apple’s modular proceed to iPad Pro and also stands out as flattering singular in a universe where a coolest new facilities are mostly hardware associated and new device limited.

At $300 and $350 for any distance of Magic Keyboard, a cost is something we contingency cruise about adult front. Given that it is now simply a best keyboard accessible for these devices, we cruise we need to cruise it a partial of a package cost of a device. If we can’t pitch that, cruise another choice — it’s that good.

I’d adore some-more angles of use here and I’m anticipating that they embody some-more — that said! If we work severely with a iPad and that work is formed on typing, a Magic Keyboard is radically mandatory. It’s a dream keyboard for all of us who found ourselves channel a Rubicon into iPad as primary mechanism over a past integrate of years. It’s not though a caveats, yet it is a refreshingly candid and good executed appendage that creates even comparison iPads feel like softened laptops than laptops.

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