Published On: Fri, Feb 3rd, 2017

Apple’s Free App Of The Week Is An Intriguing Puzzler – $3 Value

Every week on Thursday, Apple updates a giveaway App of a Week graduation with a new app or game. This week, a association has motionless to giveaway an intriguing renouned puzzler called Roofbot: Puzzler On The Roof. This means that for a subsequent 7 days, we will be means get your hands on a App of a Week for free. The diversion is accessible for giveaway on both a iPhone and iPad. Let’s see some some-more sum on Roofbot: Puzzler On The Roof.

Roofbot: Puzzler On The Roof Is Apple’s Free App  Of The Week

Normally, Roofbot: Puzzler On The Roof is labelled during $3, so if you’re peaceful to save some additional bucks, be certain to download a diversion before subsequent Thursday. If we don’t, a diversion would lapse to a strange price. About a game, players are asked to beam Roofie, a categorical character, by a rooftops. It’s not as easy as it sounds. You will have to get a right tone appetite balls into their preferred slots in sequence to solve a puzzle. In further to this, there’s another turn that a design can change during a moment’s notice.

The App Store Editors’ Notes:

Carrying colored shapes to relating holes? Sounds like a pursuit for a lovable robot. But this lively puzzler isn’t a task, it’s a treat. Roofbot’s toylike universe oozes witty charm, and we can’t get adequate of that cold soundtrack.

The visuals of a diversion are discerning and utterly hooking. It’s not your customary nonplus diversion that requires we to appropriate puzzles to make a certain shape. You’re given a set of space in that we can pierce around over a rooftops and beam a impression to change colored appetite into their correct slots. Only afterwards we will be means to pierce brazen and continue personification a game. The hand-crafted design along with 120 deceit puzzles is both hypnotizing to watch and extraordinary to play during a same time.

The audio of a diversion is illusory and gives we that ease overlook. You also have to face off opposite uber-bots who are greedily shower in all a power. The gameplay knowledge is flattering elementary as we simply appropriate in a instruction we wish Roofie to move. However, winning during a diversion is not so simple.

Roofbot: Puzzler On The Roof is accessible on a App Store for free, so do check it out if we haven’t already. Check out a diversion in movement below.

As for now, what are your thoughts on Apple’s giveaway App of a Week? Are we peaceful to give Roofbot: Puzzler On The Roof a swing? Share your thoughts in a comments.

Download Roofbot: Puzzler On The Roof For iOS

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