Published On: Thu, Mar 23rd, 2017

Apple’s Free App of a Week is a Professional Video Recording & Editing App – $3.99 Value

Apple has suggested a Free App of a Week, and it’s a veteran app for recording video and creation on a fly edits.

Musemage Selected as Apple’s Free App of a Week – Download Now and Save $4

The batch Camera app on a iPhone and iPad does get a pursuit done, yet falls brief when it comes to veteran controls. This blank is filled by a ton of apps that are accessible straightforwardly in a App Store, yet there are really few that merit a correct place on your home screen. One of those apps is Musemage, and it’s only overwhelming to use.

Musemage is packaged with tons of veteran controls such as a ability to request filters to a video in real-time, so we know accurately what you’ll be removing while recording a video. That’s not all yet – we can use a app to request a ‘blue screen’ as well. This allows we to reinstate a blue shade with any picture you’d like while recording. Then there are a common controls for settings ISO, manually adjusting concentration and whatnot. All in all, it’s a smashing app, and it’s a right time to download it given it has left positively giveaway pleasantness of Apple.

With only a elementary download, Musemage opens adult your mobile device’s camera like no their app can do. Musemage’s many singular underline is that it enables we to use opposite filters, and effects all in real-time estimate while sharpened , but waiting, in full HD video and full-resolution photos!

Musemage’s newest chronicle now adds a “video post-editing” duty duration it works for 4K videos too!

Try it now, and witnessed a overwhelming facilities of Musemage!

You can only true to a App Store and squeeze a app from there. Or, if we are like me, and find convenience, afterwards simply daub on a couple next to trigger a download. But remember, a app is giveaway for an intensely brief duration of time, so it’s best to make your pierce right now than after if we wish to make any use of this sale during all.

  • Download Musemage for iOS

If we occur to download this app, afterwards do share your knowledge with us in a comments territory below.

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