Published On: Fri, Jun 30th, 2017

Apple’s Free App Of The Week Is A Popular Journal App – $5 Value

Every week on Thursday, Apple updates a giveaway App of a Week graduation with a new app or game. This week, a association has motionless to giveaway a renouned biography app for iPhone and iPad. This means that from currently compartment subsequent Thursday, we can get your hands on a overwhelming app with positively no charge. The app is called: Day One Journal and a flattering amazing. The app lets we record several events trimming from opposite life events to any day moments. It’s a contingency have app and now that it has been offering for free, there’s no reason not to give it a go. So let’s see some some-more sum on a Day One Journal app and what does it have to offer.

Day one Journal Is Apple’s Free App Of The Week

Normally, Day One Journal is labelled during a large $5, though if you’re peaceful to save some additional bucks, be certain to implement a giveaway app this week. If we destroy to do so, a app would lapse to a strange pricing model. So be certain to implement this week. As for a app itself, it’s flattering self explanatory. It lets we write and record opposite eventuality of your life that can be large or small.

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The App Store Editors’ Note:

It’s tough to make a best even better, though a supplement to Day One lives adult to expectations—and afterwards some. The app smartly keeps a interface streamlined though adds a resources of new facilities that we’ve found immensely valuable. Your biography entries enclose all sorts of information—you can geolocate them, supplement tons of photos to any entry, and even see your day’s aptness activity. You can switch over to a pleasing new print perspective when you’re prepared to see your universe during a glance. 

The interface of a Day One Journal app is clean, superb and creates your journaling knowledge a pleasure. In further to this, a app is really easy to use. So squeeze a giveaway app and record your life events, milestones, objectives and whatnot with ease. The app offers several facilities that you’ll get your hands on a go. For some-more sum on a Day One Journal app, check out a video embedded below.

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As we have mentioned earlier, a Day One Journal  is Apple’s giveaway app of a week for both a iPhone and iPad. As for now, what are your thoughts on Day One Journal app? Would we be peaceful to give it a swing? Share your views in a comments.

Download Day One Journal From The App Store

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