Published On: Fri, Jul 7th, 2017

Apple’s Free App Of The Week Is A Popular Arcade Racer – $3 Value

Every week on Thursday, Apple updates a giveaway App of  the Week graduation with a new app or diversion that it offers for free. This week a association is giving divided a renouned arcade racing pretension with positively no charge. This means that from this day brazen compartment subsequent Thursday, we can get your hands on a diversion though a need to spend a singular penny. The diversion is called Ridge Racer Slipstream and it’s accessible for for a iPhone and iPad. So let’s dive in to see some some-more sum on Apple’s giveaway app of a week and what does it have to offer.

Ridge Racer Slipstream Is Apple’s Free App Of The Week

Normally, this week’s giveaway app is labelled during $3, though if you’re peaceful to save some additional bucks, be certain to download this week. If we destroy to do so, a app would lapse to a customary pricing model. As for a diversion itself, Ridge Racer Slipstream is a singular racing pretension that brings a console knowledge to your iOS device. There’s a lot some-more to a game, so lets check it out.

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The App Store Editors’ Note:

Take to a highway in an arcade racer where drafting, drifting, and well-timed nitro boosts are pivotal to a first-place finish. Solid doing creates pushing a white-knuckled joy, while 10 beautiful marks and mixed diversion modes will keep we bending for hours on end.

The best partial about a diversion is that it has been optimized for a a aged aged iPhone 4S, iPad 3, iPod Touch fifth era and all of a newer devices. This means that a app can run on a boatload of inclination and users can take advantage of it. In terms of a firmware, it requires inclination to run iOS 7 and aloft versions.

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Ridge Racer Slipstream facilities 12 absolute machines that speed we to victory. You can slipstream past your rivals and deposit around parsimonious turns with over 150 MPH out speed. In further to this, we can also emanate your possess speed machines with hundreds of customization options. There is a career mode benefaction as good as a arcade mode for pointless plays. The diversion facilities visuals that are improved than many of a games on a App Store.

All in all, a diversion is good in terms of both audio as good as visuals with measureless courtesy to detail. So do give Ridge Racer Slipstream a swing. Also, do make certain that we download it this week if we wish it for free, differently we will have to compensate $3 for it. For some-more sum on a game, check out a video embedded below.

This is it for  now, folks. What are your thoughts on Apple’s giveaway App of a Week? Would we be peaceful to give Ridge Racer Slipstream a swing? Share your views in a comments.

Download Ridge Racer Slipstream From The App Store

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