Published On: Fri, Aug 11th, 2017

Apple’s Free App Of The Week Is A Challenging Colorful Puzzler

Every week on Thursday, Apple updates a giveaway App of a Week graduation with a new app or diversion that it offers for free. This week a folks over during Apple have motionless to giveaway a singular nonplus pretension that is not usually colorful though utterly addictive in a nature. The giveaway App of a Week is called Colorcube and a accessible for iPhone as good as iPad. We will be observant down some of a pivotal aspects of a diversion to give we a clearer discernment on what a nonplus pretension has to offer. So let’s dive in to strew some light on Colorcube.

Colorcube Is Apple’s Free App Of The Week

Normally a giveaway app is labelled during only a buck, though if you’re peaceful to get it for free, do conduct to a App Store to squeeze your share. This means that from currently compartment subsequent Thursday, we can get your hands on a colorful Colorcube puzzler with positively no charge. However, if we destroy to do so, a diversion would lapse to a customary pricing model. Now let’s see some sum on a visible and audio aspects of a game.

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The App Store Editors’ Note:

Calming colors? Check. Ambient soundtrack? Check. A refreshingly elementary premise? Check. Colorcube has all a right mixture for a ideal chill-out event during a finish of a prolonged day. With hundreds of levels to complete, this deceptively severe diversion is as sensitive as it is serene…and surprisingly constrained to boot.

To be honest, as constrained and engaging a diversion is, it’s also easier to get. Once we start using a game, we will see a tiny indication of a nonplus that we are compulsory to make. In further to this, there are accessible collection supposing next a duty segment of a diversion where we will work your commands. In short, we are compulsory to build a figure supposing to we from a given tools. It’s this elementary nonetheless rarely addictive. There are over 250 puzzles to select from, so you’ll never get wearied again.

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The visible aspect of a diversion is flattering true forward. Yes, it’s indeed utterly colorful and easy on a eyes. The colors are balmy and not during all scorchingly sharp. In terms of sound, a audio knowledge is balmy with a delayed ambient soundtrack.  We would really suggest we on giving Colorcube a swing. For some-more sum on Colorcube, check out a video embedded below.

If you’re meddlesome in checking out a diversion for yourself, be certain to implement it this week as Apple’s giveaway App of a Week.  As for now, share your views on this week’s giveaway app from Apple.

Download Colorcube For iOS

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