Published On: Fri, Feb 12th, 2016

Apple Will Update The iPhone’s Remote App To Do Everything Apple TV’s Own Remote Can


Back in Oct of 2015, Apple expelled a prolonged awaited hardware refurbish to a Apple TV — and with it, a glossy new Apple TV remote. You could pronounce to a remote to emanate voice commands (“Siri, play Pitch Perfect 2. Yes, again. Don’t decider me, Siri. You don’t know me.”) and crack around a built-in trackpad for discerning navigation.

But long-time Apple TV users beheld something quick: Apple’s Remote app for a iPhone, that authorised we to control a Apple TV with your iPhone when a dedicated remote wasn’t handy, wasn’t gripping adult with a new underline set. Basic functionality (like regulating a iPhone as a keyboard) worked — though all of a nifty new things was missing.

It sounds like that’ll be changing shortly. In an speak with John Gruber, Apple’s Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi laid out some sum of a entrance Remote app update:

Eddy Cue: We have a new remote app.. if we have an iphone, we can use a keyboard on a iPhone.

Craig: And some-more than that, really… there’s full Siri, from your phone, communicating to your TV. That’s a good ascent to that app.

Gruber: Well, there’s a remote app [already] for a iPhone now that we can bond to AppleTV.

Eddy: There is. As Craig said, it usually does a keyboard… a new remote app will have all a capabilities of a new Apple TV remote does, like Siri.

Craig: And obviously, we have a trackpad duty of a remote — you’ll be means to do that with a phone. It’s unequivocally a full replacement.

Gruber: Will it work with some of a games? So if there’s a 2 actor game, someone can use their phone, someone else can use a remote?

Eddy: Yep – that’s accurately it. Remote for one person, phone for one person.

It’s indeed utterly startling to hear Cue and Federighi speak so plainly about new things in a pipeline; traditionally, Apple directed to keep even a smallest of sum underneath close and key. Between this and opening adult iOS betas to a public, it’s as if someone during Apple pronounced “Maybe… maybe we don’t have to be quite so secretive…”

Want to hear it for yourself? The applicable bit starts during 22:10 or so in this week’s part of Gruber’s The Talk Show.

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