Published On: Wed, Aug 23rd, 2017

Apple Will Hold Its Keynote Event on Sep 12, According to Sources Close to a Matter

Apple has not publicly announced a keynote sum during that a association will betray a iterative iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, following by a design-overhaul-touting iPhone 8. According to conduit sources, it looks like Apple will be looking to showcase a different lineup of products on Sep 12.

Sources Also Claim That Pre-Orders for a iPhone 8 Will Start During a Same Week, Starting From Sep 15

Mac4Ever is reporting, citing conduit sources that Apple is going to be announcing a iPhone 8, followed by a remaining models on Sep 12. It has also been rumored several times that a Apple Watch Series 3 is going to be announced during a same event, though we’ll keep we updated on that front.

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Pre-orders are not going to be announced immediately; Apple will substantially be creation certain that it has sufficient register to slake a needs of millions of customers. According to a sources tighten to this information, pre-orders are going to embark on Friday, Sep 15, with a recover date set for a 22nd of a same month.

The wearable that Apple has been rumored to announce will rest on eSIM record to yield users with information connectivity. Cellular connectivity is not going to be supposing this year since a tech hulk wants a assembly with carriers to go as uniformly as possible.

While a Apple Watch Series 3 is something that we will be looking brazen to seeing, we have to acknowledge that a concentration will be wholly on a iPhone 8, and a boatload of upgrades and hardware and pattern changes it will boat with. Rumor has it that a top storage indication will come with 512GB of onboard memory, while a remaining versions will be shipped in a 64 and 256GB capacities.

You should still provide this gossip with a splash of salt since Apple has nonetheless to announce a central keynote details, so we wouldn’t get vehement only yet.

Source: Mac4ever

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