Published On: Thu, Dec 15th, 2016

Apple will assign $69 to reinstate a mislaid AirPod

As shortly as Apple’s AirPods were announced, it seems people were already devising how they were going to remove them. Well, in an refurbish on a company’s iPhone Service Pricing page, Apple has minute that it is going to be charging $69 for a singular mislaid (or broken) AirPod or charging case. Those with battery issues outward of a AirPods’ one-year guaranty can be serviced for $49, MacRumors discovered.

The wireless headphones that bond seamlessly to several iDevices around Apple’s new W1 chip sell for $159 and are accessible for pre-order now.

Now, $69 seems like a stupid amount of income for a dinky small wireless earbud, though it’s indeed flattering good that Apple is doing this and it sets a good customary for a broader hearables marketplace relocating forward. There have been only a few entrants to a wireless earbud marketplace and nothing of them, to my knowledge, are charity singular earbud replacement. If one of them falls out of your ear, you’re flattering most screwed and left to lapse to your connected headset in contrition or chuck down a ton of income on a new pair.

With Apple’s option, after losing one ‘Pod we can continue regulating a other earbud given a AirPods both can bond to your device exclusively and we can sequence another one in a meantime.

Wireless earbuds are hella early in their life cycle and some of a simple underlying tech is only removing figured out now so this things is going to be costly early, though environment critical standards in replaceability is a good precedent for Apple to set even if it does still harm a wallet a bit.

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