Published On: Wed, May 31st, 2017

Apple went full father fun with a names of this year’s tip WWDC panels

[somewhere in Cupertino, probably]

“Hey Rick?”

“Yeah, Bill?”

“We need a garland of placeholder names for sessions during WWDC. The ones about… we know. That things we’re not unequivocally authorised to speak about yet. People rip these names detached looking for clues on what’s coming, so can we name them all ‘SESSION NAME TBD’ and chuck them online?”

“Sure! But… how about we use puns instead? We’ll even use emoji.”

“Nahhh, let’s keep it elementary and —”


“Ok Rick, one is fine. though let’s keep a rest —”


“Rick, stop. People are going to find these.”

“You  tell me what to do anymore Bill. We’re going to  this one for all it’s worth.”

“Rick how did we even only pronounce a donut emoji out loud?”

“I’m operative here, Bill. Please

As anyone who works with me would substantially tell you, we adore me some good puns. Groans are my medicine. we try to keep it to the inner group discuss bedrooms and not let it trickle into posts — my colleagues are only some-more peaceful to cut me some Slack.

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