Published On: Wed, Feb 7th, 2018

Apple says some iPhone 7 models uncover “No Service” when they shouldn’t, will correct them for free

Does your iPhone 7 contend “No Service” when you’re oh-so-certain a vigilance is fine? Good news! You competence be totally right.

Reports and rumors of a “No Service” bug impacting certain iPhone 7 models have been floating around for good over a year now — and as of this afternoon, Apple is acknowledging a issue.

The association says it’s dynamic that “a tiny percentage” of iPhone 7 models will explain no use even when use is available.

The bad news: it’s not an easy fix. A program refurbish won’t assistance this time. Apple says this emanate stems from a inadequate proof board, that means they’ll have to physically correct your device.

The less-bad news: Apple will correct it for free, and if you’ve paid for such a correct already during a Genius Bar, they’ll repay you. You can find sum on that here. (One catch: if your device’s shade is busted, you’ll need to compensate to have that bound before they can get inside.)

Apple says inclination done between Sep 2016 and Feb 2018 (basically a whole lifespan of a iPhone 7) competence be impacted, quite those sole in a US, China, Japan, Hong Kong, or Macao.

(Update: we altered a plural “iPhone 7s” to “iPhone 7 models” since we can see how thats confusing.)

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