Published On: Mon, Jan 30th, 2017

Apple Removes the Online iCloud Activation Lock Status Checker Tool

In a rather startling move, Apple has private the iCloud Activation Lock standing checker apparatus from a website.

Apple Takes Down a Online iCloud Activation Lock Status Checker Tool Without Any Explanation

Buying a used iPhone or iPad online can be a unsure thing to do. There have been instances where users were scammed into shopping stolen devices, and those inclination were totally useless thanks to Apple’s iCloud Activation Lock put in place.

Thankfully though, Apple had an online apparatus to check a Activation Lock status, and zero some-more than a device’s IMEI or sequence series was compulsory to know it all. But infrequently enough, Apple has taken down a apparatus completely, with a snippet nowhere to be found on

If we revisit a site right now, you’ll come face to face with a following message:

Apple has not commented on because it took down a tool. But we are certain we will hear a word or dual from a Cupertino hulk in a days to come per it.

With a apparatus no longer available, it’s rarely endorsed that everybody should exercise counsel while shopping a used Apple iOS device online. It’s not value shopping a device blindly, until or unless a seller is a tighten crony of yours or a family member. In that case, it’s easy to take down a iCloud Activation Lock with a elementary box of entering a compared Apple ID password.

By default, iCloud Activation Lock is enabled on each iPhone, iPad, iPod hold out there as shortly as we pointer in with your Apple ID. This is a really accessible small reserve magnitude put in place by Apple that everybody should review to in box your device gets stolen or lost. But, if we are offered your device, make certain we invalidate Find My iPhone (Settings iCloud Find My iPhone) or mislay your device from iCloud regulating a Find My iPhone app on your device or a Web.

We will keep a readers updated if there is some-more news per a dismissal of iCloud Activation Lock tool. Till then, make certain we are intensely observant while shopping an iOS device.

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