Published On: Mon, Mar 13th, 2017

Apple releases new ad with real-life iMessage stickers

Apple only published a new video ad on a YouTube channel. I’ve been essay about new Apple ads since they’ve been a bit some-more artistic than your normal consumer wiring ad. This time is no difference as Apple combined a city-wide plaque fight.

With iOS 10, Apple introduced stickers into iMessage. You can now implement apps directly from a Messages app and supplement stickers to your messages. Compared to other messaging apps, we can mix them and supplement stickers to an existent content summary — we only need to drag and dump it into a messaging area.

My favorite plaque app is Sticker Pals, though this ad showcases dozens of opposite plaque packs. So there’s something for everybody.

And yet, really few people know that we can mix mixed stickers. Apple ads aren’t only a selling vehicle. They are also a approach to learn hundreds of millions of users about facilities they competence not know about.

When Tim Cook keeps mentioning patron satisfaction, it also comes down to a company’s communication strategy. By creation we learn all a small things that compute a iPhone from Android phones, Apple keeps reinforcing a thought that business done a right choice when they opted for an iPhone.

So this brings us to today’s ad. It’s a contented ad filled with teenagers using around and slapping stickers on people, food and objects. It is branch a tedious messaging app into a cocktail enlightenment pitch — are we group blue froth or group immature bubbles?

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