Published On: Mon, Feb 15th, 2016

Apple Recalls Some MacBook USB-C Cables Because Of Intermittent Charging Flaw

Apple is recalling certain MacBook USB-C assign cables since of a pattern flaw. The influenced MacBook assign cables were sole worldwide adult to final summer.

In a note about a assign wire remember on a website Apple says a “limited number” of its USB-C assign cables for a MacBook, that were enclosed with a laptop by Jun 2015 might destroy “due to a pattern issue”. It’s not naming a accurate problem but says MacBooks regulating the affected cables might not assign or might usually assign intermittently.

The new USB-C pier was usually introduced by Apple to a MacBooks in Mar 2015, in a classical Cupertino joining pierce that saw it combine mixed pier functions — power, information input/output, accessories and arrangement tie — into only a one USB-C port. So not but a other C-word, controversy, too.


Apple is replacing influenced USB-C assign cables giveaway of assign with a new, redesigned version. It records that influenced cables might also have been sold as standalone accessories, as good as being bundled with MacBooks, and these purchases will also be covered by a deputy program.

Affected cables have “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.” hammered on them. Whereas a new, redesigned cables include a sequence series after that content — as per a below image:

Apple USB-C assign wire recall

Apple says MacBook owners who supposing a current mailing residence during a product registration routine or Apple Online Store purchase will automatically be sent a new wire by a finish of Feb 2016. All other eligible cable owners can ask a deputy around Apple’s online deputy process.

It’s a second hardware appendage remember for Apple in reduction than a month. The association announced a remember for certain two-prong plugs during a finish of Jan since of what it pronounced was a “very rare” risk of a adaptors violation and giving a user an electric shock.

Apple also offers a giveaway battery deputy module for certain iPhone 5 devices, sole between Sep 2012 and Jan 2013, that are influenced by a problem with a battery unexpected discharging or not holding assign adequately.

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