Published On: Wed, Aug 2nd, 2017

Apple Reaches Another Milestone With Its ‘Bread and Butter’ Product, a iPhone: Over 1.2 Billion Devices Sold Now

During a third entertain gain call, Apple suggested a far-reaching operation of statistics associated to a series of products it sole in this sole gain call. The Cupertino tech hulk suggested that it had sole over 41 million iPhones, and while that is impressive, it is zero compared to a statistic that a company’s CEO, Tim Cook reveals after on. Last year, Apple minute that it had sole over a billion iPhones and a association is behind with nonetheless another milestone, that is offered over 1.2 billion units.

Apple Has Managed to Achieve This Feat in Just a Decade – No Other Company Comes Close to a Number of Units a Giant Has Sold

During a third entertain gain call, Tim Cook settled that following per iPhone sales, and also motionless to yield a small some-more information concerning a iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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“iPhone formula were impressive, with generally clever direct during a high finish of a lineup. iPhone 7 was a many renouned iPhone and sales of iPhone 7 Plus were adult dramatically compared to 6s Plus in a Jun entertain final year. The total iPhone 7 and 7 Plus family was adult clever double digits year over year. One decade after a initial iPhone launch we have now surpassed 1.2 billion accumulative iPhones sold.”

With 2017 being a year of a bezel-less smartphone, Apple is some-more than certain to recover a device that will have an edge-to-edge potion and internals that are approaching to put a foe to shame. Most importantly, a tech hulk is finally going to transition divided from a aged smartphone pattern that it has been regulating for a longest period.

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In addition, a iPhone 8 will be a initial phone from a manufacturer to get incorporated with an OLED panel, that will outcome in a possess disdainful advantages. However, several analysts explain that a iPhone 8 could be a many costly iPhone to be sold, though others contend that it could turn a indication that surpasses formerly hold sales record hold by previous-gen versions.

Are we tender with a series of iPhones Apple has sole to date? Do we trust a iPhone 8 will be a outrageous writer to those numbers? Tell us your thoughts down in a comments.

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