Published On: Fri, Aug 28th, 2015

Apple Pay For Everyone! PayAnywhere Mobile Reader Hits Apple Stores in September

It doesn’t occur that often, though once in a while we find myself in a furious but my wallet and really need to buy something. Because we positively never leave a residence but my iPhone, I’ve gotten used to anticipating a nearest Walgreens, or Whole Foods, or Petco – or some other tradesman that accepts Apple Pay – in sequence to buy what we need. And many of a time I can get by.

But what about independent merchants, a kind that aren’t large adequate to partner with Apple? Maybe it’s my favorite cheese businessman during a farmers market, or a correct technician, or the neighborhood coffee shop. Maybe we only wish to go jogging wearing my Apple Watch and stop during a travel fair and buy a big-ass portrayal of a Golden Gate Bridge. I’m apparently not going to have my purse with me, right? The kind, aged watercolor painter has no way to take my income around Apple Pay, right?

That’s all about to change. we got a possibility to try out PayAnywhere’s new Apple Pay-supported label reader during San Francisco’s SOMA StrEat Food Park to review buying street truck chicken quesadillas to my Apple Pay knowledge during incomparable retailers.

The new PayAnywhere Mobile reader accepts Apple Pay and other contactless NFC payments, normal captivating ribbon credit cards and is EMV-capable. PayAnywhere is also charity merchants $5,000 giveaway in Apple Pay transaction estimate with a new PayAnywhere account. The readers will sell exclusively in Apple Stores and during for $39.95 starting in September.

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