Published On: Sat, Aug 22nd, 2015

Apple Offers Free Fix For ‘Small Percentage’ Of iPhone 6+s With Faulty Camera

Apple is charity iPhone 6+ owners a event to reinstate a iSight camera on their device for free, after a U.S. association found that “a tiny percentage” of models produce becloud images.

The issue, that is associated to components inside a camera and does not extend to a iPhone 6, affects “a singular sequence series range” that sole between a launch in Sep 2014 and January 2015. If we bought your Apple phablet between those dates, we can conduct over to this dedicated website and pivotal in your phone’s sequence series (find it here) to check either your iPhone 6+ is affected.

If we are one of a detrimental ones, Apple is charity to reinstate a camera giveaway of assign — it won’t emanate we a new device — nonetheless you’ll need to safeguard it is in decent operative condition, i.e. a shade isn’t cracked, else we might catch additional correct fees.

You could, of course, representation a Samsung phone for giveaway instead interjection to a Korean company’s new $1-30 day commander generally for iPhone owners in a U.S..

Samsung most combined a phablet genre and, yet Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ were late to a party, they’ve eaten into that marketplace shred given their launch final year. Samsung, however, is confident that a new Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+, have what it takes to retrieve a climax in a five-inch-plus smartphone category. Time will tell, quite with new iPhone models expected to arrive subsequent month.

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