Published On: Thu, Aug 6th, 2015

Apple Music Clocks More Than 11 Million Trial Customers

Apple has gone open with the first total for a entrance song streaming use — Apple Music — after comparison VP Eddie Cue told USA Today that it had garnered over 11 million users in a initial 5 weeks of life. The association had previously usually revealed that Apple Music had “millions and millions” of subscribers.

Apple Music launched during a finish of June, charity business an initial three-month giveaway hearing so it stays to be seen what apportionment of those 11 million will modify to profitable business once a giveaway song sight ends. For comparison, Spotify depends 20 million profitable users, and an additional 55 million on a free, ad-supported tier. Elsewhere, French opposition Deezer claims 6 million profitable users worldwide (in further to 10 million giveaway users), while JayZ’s Tidal has reduction than one million profitable customers.

Cue also suggested that dual million of Apple Music’s activated users opted for a some-more costly family plan, but, again, these are people regulating a use though assign for now.

As a initial take, a total are engaging though a genuine exam is still come. Apple’s non-static general pricing — a use is as inexpensive as $2 per month India — gives it a shot attack some kind of scale, nonetheless in some markets a peculiarity of a arriving Android app (yes, Apple Music will be on Android) will be critical for mainstream audiences, but the miss of a giveaway tier — that competitors do offer — could shorten adoption.

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