Published On: Thu, Feb 4th, 2021

Apple Music, Books, iTunes, App Store and some-more are experiencing outages

Several high-level Apple services are experiencing issues and outages on Wednesday morning, Apple has confirmed. These issues are impacting a series of consumer-facing services, including Apple Music and Radio, Apple Books, and a App Store platforms opposite both iOS inclination and Mac.

For some users, a services are down. For example, there were reports present this morning that users were carrying problems streaming song by Apple Music or regulating iTunes. Other have beheld bizarre problems gathering adult on a App Store — like app hunt formula that usually returned a tiny handful of tip apps associated to a hunt term.

Even when a services are partially up, they’re infrequently most slower to bucket than common — definition users competence see vacant pages for several seconds before a page is populated with a common content.

Image Credits: Apple

At a time of a initial reports, Apple’s Status page didn’t simulate these issues, as it showed all services as being available. That has given changed. Now, a page displays outages are occurring opposite a App Store, Apple Book, Apple Music, Apple Music Radio, iTunes Store, Mac App Store and Radio.

The Apple Support Twitter comment has also posted about a outage, though has nonetheless to yield sum about what has happened or when it competence be resolved.

What’s concerning is that a comment replied to a twitter with a censure from a user who pronounced they couldn’t reset their cue — an denote that a outages could be impacting other forms of backend services, as well.

Apple says it’s operative to yield us with some-more information on this, and we’ll refurbish when a association has some-more to share.

Update, 12:38 PM ET: The standing page shows a outages as resolved. 

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