Published On: Sat, Jun 16th, 2018

Apple Maps outage disrupts hunt and navigation for all users [Update: resolved]

Apple Maps is experiencing a widespread outage, according to a company’s System Status page. Maps routing, navigation and hunt are impacted by a outage, that is inspiring all users, a page informs. [Update: a problems were resolved during 1:05 PM ET.]

The issues were initial beheld by a Apple news site MacRumors, before Apple’s possess website reliable a outage starting during 8:48 AM ET.

The intrusion is impacting Apple Maps opposite platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and CarPlay.

Unfortunately, Apple has usually only announced a CarPlay height would open adult to third-party navigation and mapping apps with a recover of iOS 12 – though that hasn’t nonetheless come to pass. That means CarPlay users will have to launch a opposite navigation app on their phone in sequence to get directions during this outage.

While a Apple Maps user interface will load, when we try to hunt for a given end or try to navigate, it gives an blunder summary like “No Results Found” or “Directions Not Available.” Or sometimes, a shade will only continue to review “Loading..” though ever displaying a results, or contend “The network tie was lost.”

Apple has not pronounced what’s causing a outage or when it expects a repair to be in place. Often, these arrange of things are associated to information core issues or inconstant program updates. Currently, Apple’s System Status page states that Apple is “investigating a issue.”

Reached for comment, an Apple orator forked TechCrunch to a System Status page though had no other information during this time.

Update: The problems were resolved during 1:05 PM ET according to a standing page, though no other information was provided.

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