Published On: Wed, Sep 20th, 2017

Apple is operative on a repair for Watch Series 3 LTE issues

The new Apple Watch is mostly an iterative refurbish over a predecessor, though for one vital feature: LTE. The further of mobile connectivity has been touted as all from “nice” to “game changing,” though reviewers seem to have early issues in testing. we didn’t run into any in my possess testing, though a Verge reported some large hiccups connecting to a mobile network on a device.

An Apple mouthpiece reliable a problem with TechCrunch, stating, “We have detected that when Apple Watch Series 3 joins unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks though connectivity, it might during times forestall a watch from regulating cellular. We are questioning a repair for a destiny program release.”

The emanate here seems to branch from a watch hopping on networks that you’ve enabled on other Apple inclination like a WiFi. The wearable draws from a same database, so if, say, you’ve assimilated a hotel or library wireless network on your iPhone, a watch will mark it and connect. The underline is radically enabled a same approach it is on a phone — a device defaults to WiFi so users don’t daub into their mobile information each time they do something on their device.

The box of a serf network like a above that requires a cue or other confirmation to pointer in presents an issue. The deficiency of a browser on a watch means we can’t go by a grave stairs of connecting, so you’re radically in a arrange of wireless dilapidation — you’re connected to a network, though you’re not indeed removing any data. The accountability is due, in part, to a watch form factor, that boundary a user’s ability to submit information.

The reason this is some-more bug than feature, however, is a that watch can’t do both during a same time, so if it spots a informed WiFi network, a LTE job is dropped. That’s expected a repair a association is “investigating…for a destiny program release.”

Other LTE concerns have cropped adult forward of this turn of Series 3 reviews, including some questions around general roaming. Specifically, a device is usually designed to work in a nation of origin, so a watch will radically work as a non-LTE indication when we transport abroad.

The emanate expected stems from a relations a association grown with particular carriers in sequence to capacitate call and content forwarding to a handset. Apple wouldn’t criticism on either it’s questioning a repair on that side.

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