Published On: Thu, Sep 21st, 2017

Apple iOS 11 vs Google Android 8.0 Oreo – The Full & Final Visual Comparison [Screenshots]

Here’s a full and final visible comparison between iOS 11 and Android 8.0 Oreo. We will examination analogous facilities between both a handling systems regulating corresponding screenshots.

Final Versions of iOS 11 and Android Oreo Visually Compared Side by Side in a Massive Screenshot Gallery

The final time we compared iOS 11 and Android Oreo, both were in beta and a latter didn’t even have a name behind then. It was being identified by a moniker ‘O.’ Now though, things have come flattering distant and both handling systems are accessible in a open domain. Android Oreo’s accessibility is intensely singular though we can expostulate it around if we occur to have a Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel, Pixel XL or a Pixel C. iOS 11, on a other hand, can be downloaded on a far-reaching accumulation of inclination immediately. If we have an iPhone as aged as a iPhone 5s, you’re good into a harmony list. iPads are, of course, enclosed in a list.

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iOS 11 vs Android Oreo Visual Comparison

As shortly as we saw a Android 8.0 Oreo refurbish uncover adult on my Nexus 5X, there was no approach we was going to skip out on comparing it true to a arch rival, iOS 11. Sure, there are extreme visible changes if we burst from a Nexus to Pixel, such as a new app launcher. But hey, it’s a same handling complement nonetheless, and carries a same changes and refinements that Google wants to uncover off opposite a board.

So but serve ado, let’s examination a dual handling systems, side-by-side. [iOS will be on a left, Android on a right.]

As we can see, a latest form of iOS and Android are flattering opposite in a lot of areas. Apple, for instance, has selected to go confidant this year (literally) by adopting a form face that is some-more entertaining and lots of dull corners. Google, on a other hand, has motionless to keep things identical to Nougat while implementing pointed changes via a system. But if we puncture into a Settings app on Oreo, afterwards you’ll come to comprehend how opposite things can immediately become. Still, we adore both regardless of what they have to offer. After all, it’s always good for a consumer to have a choice during palm and go brazen with it.

After all these years, that one have we motionless to select as your arms of choice? iOS 11 or Android Oreo? Sound off in a comments territory below.

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