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Apple iOS 11 Announced: Features, Release Date, More [Everything You Need to Know]

Apple has strictly announced iOS 11 program refurbish for iPhone, iPad and iPod hold devices. Here’s all we need to know.

iOS 11 Software Update is Now Official – Full Feature Rundown Revealed by Apple

Apple has finally announced a next-generation of a mobile handling system, iOS 11. Here are all a facilities that Apple showed off on stage.


The Messages app is saying a few updates of a own. There’s a redesigned app drawer that focuses on all a iMessages app we have now installed, ensuring distant quicker entrance than before.

Apple also announced ‘Messages in iCloud’ that ensures a distant bar syncing knowledge of messages opposite mixed devices. For Instance, if we undo a summary on your iMac, it will go divided on other inclination as well. Pretty handy, and a most indispensable serve too.

Last though not a least, summary backups are distant some-more optimized than before too on both iOS and macOS. And yes, they’re end-to-end encrypted too.

Apple Pay Comes to a Messages App

With iOS 11, users will be means to implement Apple Pay from a Messages app. But get this – we can send payments from chairman to chairman true from Messages. In box you’re wondering where a sent or perceived income goes: it lives in a Apple Pay Cash Card. You have a finish choice to send income to anyone you’d like or usually send it over to your bank account.


According to Apple, 375 million inclination support Siri, and with iOS 11, a association is holding things further. Siri now has an upgraded voice that sounds some-more healthy and indeed changes a approach she talks regulating Deep Learning.

Siri can now do follow-up doubt with a singular daub and can even interpret things on a fly. But keep in mind that a latter underline is in beta and usually supports a handful of languages. The upheld languages are as follows: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

SiriKit has been non-stop adult even further, permitting users to correlate with even some-more services and apps.

If we consider a above facilities are awesome, afterwards you’ll be blown divided by a subsequent one: Siri can now envision what we will do subsequent and can offer actions formed on your situation. This means Siri will tell we either we should respond with a location, or make a calendar entrance formed on your location. Or even advise we to review an essay in context to what we are doing. Everything that happens is positively private and a appurtenance training bit is synced opposite your inclination as well.

HEVC Video Encoding and HEIF Image Format

Apple is introducing support for HEVS with iOS 11. This means that 4K calm will take distant reduction storage space, that directly means it’s good news for 32GB device owners.

The JPEG format is being transposed with HEIF too. This offers double a picture peculiarity with half a size. And of course, we will be means to share these images with anyone usually fine. It’s rarely expected these images will be converted to JPEG before being sent off. But we will know for certain in a time to come.

Camera Depth API Available to Developers Improved Image Quality in Camera App

This is a large one. Apple is opening adult a Depth API to developers so that they can take advantage of a iPhone 7 Plus’ delegate sensor for bokeh life effects. But that’s not all, improvements to a Camera app have been thrown into a brew as well. This equates to softened picture quality, softened low light performance, higher visual picture stabilization and more.

Photos Gets a Boost

The Memories territory of a Photos too is removing a redesign. And Live Photos can now be embellished down. Things are surfaced off with a ability to name any partial of a ‘Live Photo’ as a pivotal shot.

Control Center is Better Bigger than Ever

Control Center is removing a strong refurbish in iOS 11. Every singular control is bigger than before and 3D Touch allows we to exhibit some-more options as well. All in all, it’s a pattern boost that everybody needed, that too though carrying to appropriate most around.

Lastly, a Notification Center and close shade has spin a singular place for all we need to know. Unlike how it was before.

Machine Learning is Everywhere

Machine Learning plays a pivotal purpose in iOS 11 and it’s rarely expected that iOS 11 is usually a commencement of things to come. Using Machine Learning, your device can be intensely active and can chuck suggestions during a right time. For instance, even autocorrect will advise we difference formed on what we were reading or usually checking out.

Maps Goes Indoors Beyond

Apple is giving a Maps app a good strike too. It skeleton on doing so by adding indoor maps for malls. Currently, it’s accessible for usually 8 cities – Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Jose, Tokyo and Washington DC. Airports are removing inner maps too with some-more than 30 being in a list.

While navigating, you’ll see certain improvements as well, such as line guidance.

Do Not Disturb While Driving

Using Bluetooth and WiFi, your iPhone creates a Doppler effect, branch off notifications and a arrangement while you’re driving. If we try to overrule a feature, it will simply give we a presentation suggesting we otherwise.

If someone sends we a content message, your iPhone can warn them that you’re pushing and will get behind genuine soon.


A new difficulty of HomeKit inclination has been introduced, and they’re Speakers. Yes, we will shortly be means to squeeze yourself HomeKit approved speakers that work exquisitely with your iOS ecosystem.

Multi-room audio has been introduced as well. And as a name suggests, we can expel to dual places during once and take control of both on an particular basis. Apart from that, AirPlay 2 has been introduced as well.

Apple Music Goes Social

Care to know what your friends and family members are listening to on Apple Music? With Apple Music in iOS 11, we can. Of course, we can spin this underline off if we so wish.

MusicKit is now accessible to developers as well, definition Apple Music formation is entrance to other apps such as Shazam etc.

App Store Gets a Much-Needed Redesign

The App Store is removing a outrageous redesign in iOS 11, and we will be covering this in a apart post.

Metal 2

What’s softened than Metal? Meta 2, of course. With a new implementation, developers can implement hardware to a limit capacity, ensuring limit opening associated benefits.

Machine Learning APIs for Developers

It’s not a warn during all. But yes, Apple will be opening adult Machine Learning APIs to developers for intelligent apps that are context aware. But keep one thing in mind: all happens on-device, that means your remoteness is positively protected. So they say.

Augmented Reality is Finally Here

A underline that that is rumored to play a pivotal purpose with a iPhone 8, protracted existence is carrying a foundations laid with iOS 11. With a new ARKit, your iPhone or iPad will be means to brand surfaces and we can place practical objects on them. Basically it’s a underline developers can mostly play around with and come adult with discerning apps.

ARKit is able of doing a lot of things, such as suit tracking, craft determination with simple boundaries, ambient lighting estimation, scale estimation, support for Unity, Unreal and SceneKit. This in spin means that games are about to get a whole lot crazier in a future.

And yes, this underline will be accessible on ‘hundreds of millions’ of iPhones and iPads, that is positively slick.

iOS 11 Has iPad-Specific Features

Last though not a least, iOS 11 will embody facilities that are specific to a iPad such as macOS character Dock for switching between apps. We will cover this underline in some-more fact in a apart post.

iOS 11 Release Date and Availability

iOS 11 Beta will be accessible currently with a final build set for recover in a Fall.

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