Published On: Fri, Oct 6th, 2017

Apple Investigating iPhone 8 Plus Battery Swelling Issues as More Incidents Pop up

A code new occurrence involving iPhone 8 Plus distended batteries has been given form once more, putting some-more vigour on Apple to examine a emanate as to what is unequivocally going down inside a phablet chronicle of a lineup.

China Media Has Reported iPhone 8 Plus Swollen Battery – Apple Is Yet to Come to a Conclusion Regarding This Matter

It is utterly startling that a 5.5-inch phone would separate open like this generally when separating a arrangement side of a handset itself requires a lot of force and ethereal hands and a multiple of meddling tools.

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In box we wondered, both a iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are stranded together regulating water-resistant glue and removing that private is a duty on a own. As distant as a occurrence is concerned, China’s state-backed cited that an iPhone customer surnamed Liu settled that his newly purchased iPhone 8 Plus arrived burst open on Oct 5.

There was no pointer of boiling or an explosion, definition that a phone was like this before a device was plugged into a wall outlet. An Apple orator pronounced a association is looking into a matter and declined to criticism serve though so distant we have nonetheless to see any growth from a tech giant’s side as to because this is happening.

Normally, business are suggested to use a same accessories that come with a phone or use a approved 3rd-party horse and wire to yield extract to a iPhone, though in this case, a phone was separate open as shortly as a owners private it from a packaging.

Though millions of phones made will have some form of forsake in them that is because Apple offers stellar after-sales use of a products, matching issues indicate out that possibly a specific member or production forsake could be occurring where consumers are met with crippled phones.

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What do we consider could be a reason for owners receiving shop-worn iPhone 8 Plus devices? Tell us your thoughts down in a comments.

Source: Reuters

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