Published On: Fri, Sep 22nd, 2017

Apple Introduces More Controls with iOS 11 – Here’s How to Disable Annoying App Ratings Requests

Apple’s latest iOS 11 is a large update, either we like to acknowledge or not. Granted, it’s not an iOS 7-like upgrade, though a handling complement introduces a series of granular controls, not to forget those overwhelming changes that it has brought to a camera. But, it’s not a iOS 11 camera that we are articulate about today, it’s a irritating prompts from mixed apps that ask we for ratings each now and then. With iOS 11, we can now get absolved of them, once and for all.

How to invalidate app ratings requests in iOS 11

There are some apparent misses when we speak about iOS 11, stealing a App Switcher gesticulate and a uncanny “feature” of not turning off Bluetooth when we invalidate it from a Control Center are during a tip of my list of hourly annoyances – or even some-more frequent. But, a Cupertino tech hulk is apparently still tweaking a latest chronicle of mobile handling system, earnest that some of these annoyances will be bound with iOS 11.x updates. Which is because it’s substantially some-more cultivatable to speak reduction about what’s not there though will be fixed, and some-more about a extraordinary new controls that a association has brought to a front. Little things count, after all.

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In today’s guide, we will concentration on a really elementary toggle that allows we to force app developers to stop perfectionist we for ratings. While it is a good thing to dump a examination or rating to let your associate users know if a diversion or an app is indeed good, a prompts always come during a wrong time – right when we are rushing by that email or using by a diversion to get some gold.

The routine is really simple, with Apple carrying introduced a toggle that promises to giveaway we from feeling guilty when we have to go “umm, might be later…” to resume what we were indeed doing.

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  • Head over to Settings
  • Tap on iTunes App Store
  • Toggle a In-App Ratings Review choice off

By a way, if we don’t totally hatred a reviewing process, iOS 11 will still assistance we if we stay a good app user and leave a above toggle on. Apparently, Apple is now forcing developers to extent app examination requests for only 3 times a year. But given that still comes adult to a lot deliberation how many apps all of us have, we can conduct over to a App Store to dump a review.

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