Published On: Sat, Jun 27th, 2020

Apple has acquired Fleetsmith, a startup that helps IT conduct Apple inclination remotely

At a time when IT has to assistance employees set adult and conduct inclination remotely, a use that simplifies those processes could positively come in handy. Apple famous that, and acquired Fleetsmith today, a startup that helps companies do precisely that with Apple devices.

While Apple didn’t ventilate a acquisition, it has reliable a understanding with TechCrunch, while Fleetsmith announced a understanding in a association blog post. Neither association was pity a squeeze price.

The startup has built record that takes advantage of Apple’s Device Enrollment Program, permitting IT departments to move inclination online as shortly as a worker takes it out of a box and powers it up.

At a time of a $30 million Series B appropriation final year, CEO Zack Blum explained a company’s core value proposition: “From a patron perspective, they can boat inclination directly to their employees. The worker unwraps it, connects to Wi-Fi and a device is enrolled automatically in Fleetsmith,” Blum explained during that time.

Over time, a association has layered on other useful pieces over automating device registration, like updating inclination automatically with OS and confidence updates, while vouchsafing IT see a dashboard of a standing of all inclination underneath management, all in a flattering sharp interface.

While Apple will in all odds continue to work with Jamf, a personality in a Apple device government space, this merger gives a association a remote government choice during a time when it’s essential with so many employees operative from home.

Fleetsmith, that has lifted some-more than $40 million from investors, like Menlo Ventures, Tiger Global Management, Upfront Ventures and Harrison Metal, will continue to sell a product by a association website, according to a blog post.

The founders put a happy face on a deal, as founders tend to do. “We’re anxious to join Apple. Our common values of putting a patron during a core of all we do but sacrificing remoteness and security, means we can truly accommodate a mission, delivering Fleetsmith to businesses and institutions of all sizes, around a world,” they wrote.

Fleetsmith lands $30M Series B to grow Apple device government platform

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