Published On: Sat, Dec 31st, 2016

Apple Falls Behind Facebook And Google In The List Of ‘Top Smartphone Apps Of 2016’

2016 has been a good year for companies that surpass in providing applications for smartphones. As it seems a giants of a industry, Facebook and Google have dominated a list for ‘Top Smartphone Apps of 2016’. If you’re holding Apple into account, Apple Music lags distant behind a dual companies yet have done it to a tip 10.  Let’s see some some-more sum on a theme and where does Apple smoke-stack in a list compared to Facebook and Google.

Facebook And Google Dominate The ‘Top Smartphone Apps Of 2016’ List

A recently published trend investigate by Nielsen digs low into a tip smartphone apps of 2016 along with other handling systems that those apps were downloaded on. Within a United States this year, Facebook tops a list with some-more than 146 million normal monthly users any month. This is utterly a outrageous series as a amicable media hulk has scored a series one position.

Facebook is not a usually app in a list from a company. Facebook Messenger takes second place with 129 million singular users per month. Facebook Messenger is a messenger app to Facebook and comprehends all a approach messages in a singular hub. Other than this, Facebook’s Instagram takes eighth place on a list of tip smartphone apps of 2016 with 74 million singular users per month.

Top Smartphone Apps Of 2016

Google on a other hand, even yet incompetent to take a tip spot, has scored third on a list with a YouTube app. It corresponds to some-more than 113 million singular users per month. Other apps from Google in a list includes Google Maps with 105 million, Google Search with 103 million, Google Play with 99 million and Gmail with 88 million singular users per month. So even yet Google was not means to take in a tip spot, it has some-more apps on a list to recompense singular users per month.

Apple’s song streaming service, Apple Music is also partial of a list. Coming in on series nine. The app scores some-more than 68 million singular users per month. Even yet it rests on a second final position on a list for tip smartphone apps of 2016,  it has collected 20 percent expansion compared to final year. So there’s really alleviation there.

The final app to have done it to a tip smartphone app of 2016 list is a Amazon App with some-more than 65 million singular monthly users. It’s good to see a renouned selling app has also done it to a list with 43 percent expansion compared to 2015.

Smartphone Apps Of 2016

In a third entertain of 2016, a aforementioned apps were non-stop on 53 percent of time on Android devices, while iOS constituted 45 percent of a time a apps were non-stop on. Blackberry and Windows Phone accounted for a really notation suit of a sum smartphone handling complement by marketplace share.

This is it for now, folks.  What are your thoughts on Facebook and Google winning a tip smartphone apps of 2016 list? Do we consider Apple Music should have ranked higher? Let us know in a comments.

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