Published On: Fri, Feb 16th, 2018

Apple confirms HomePods can leave outlines on timber surfaces, updates support page with notice

Yeah, so this is a bummer. Now that a HomePod is out in a wild, reports have started trickling in from users angry about a $349 intelligent speaker’s hapless side outcome on timber furniture. A discerning outing to Twitter shows several sorts of HomePod-sized rings left on desks and list tops.

Apple has given reliable a emanate on a support page, noting, “It is not surprising for any orator with a vibration-dampening silicone bottom to leave amiable outlines when placed on some wooden surfaces.”

The emanate seems to be one of chemistry. “The outlines can be caused by oils diffusing between a silicone bottom and a list surface, and will mostly go divided after several days when a orator is private from a wooden surface.”

For what it’s worth, we didn’t run into a emanate in a possess testing, and a complaints seem to be flattering scattershot. But a inauspicious communication between timber and silicone is a famous issue, as Apple handily points out. In fact, users have complained of identical issues with products like a Echo Dot.

Of course, that’s all a some-more reason that this emanate should have been addressed before a product strike a market. If a outlines don’t go away, a association suggests, “wiping a aspect kindly with a soothing damp or dry cloth competence mislay a marks. If outlines persist, purify a aspect with a seat manufacturer’s endorsed cleaning process.”

Beyond that, well, “if you’re endangered about this, we suggest fixation your HomePod on a opposite surface.”

There are also copiousness of accessible tips on several woodworking forums if you’re among those who’ve run into a issue. Here’s a useful page describing what can be finished to negate a damage. In some cases, it competence need a refinish.

And, no joke, regulating something as a arrange of vast coaster or other fender competence not be a terrible idea, either. At slightest until Apple issues some kind of a repair here. If a emanate does turn widespread, maybe we’ll see something same to a iPhone 4 box module that arrived in a arise of Antennagate.

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