Published On: Sun, Jun 20th, 2021

Apple confirms employing of Ulrich Kranz, former CEO of EV association Canoo

Kranz quiescent his position during Canoo in Apr after steering a association toward open inventory and a new care team, and he is reported to have been scooped adult by Apple within weeks. The news comes a integrate of months after Apple CEO Tim Cook forsaken hints that a puzzling Apple Car would embody unconstrained automobile record as a pivotal feature. Hiring an executive with decades of knowledge during a slicing corner of a automobile attention is a transparent pointer that Apple is relocating forward with a automobile production plans.

Apple is gripping a parsimonious mouth on a skeleton for a vehicle. According to a Reuters news from December, Apple intends to furnish an electric newcomer automobile with “breakthrough battery technology” and programmed automobile record by 2024. Other than that, no one knows what a automobile will demeanour like or who, if anyone, will be a manufacturer, nonetheless it’s not outlandish to suppose Apple formulating both a hardware and software.

Tim Cook drops hints about unconstrained tech and a Apple car

The ‘Apple car’ gibberish is behind with new reports indicating to a 2024 launch date

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