Published On: Tue, Dec 5th, 2017

Apple buys podcast hunt startup Pop Up Archive

Apple’s played a executive purpose in podcast given a beginning days — heck, even a tenure was borrowed from a large hardware product during a time. But a company’s marketshare appears to have eroded rather as players like Google and Spotify have entered a market, reportedly down from 70-percent of podcast downloads in 2015 to 55-percent in 2017.

That’s still not a bad place to be, though a some-more podcasts turn legitimized by large name shows like Serial, a some-more a association will have to bat behind a competition. In light of all this, Apple might good be planting a dwindle in a sand. This morning, a Hot Pod newsletter reported that a association had picked adult a tiny Bay Area-based startup called Pop Up Archive in what appears to a be an bid to build adult a in-house podcasting tools.

The association offering TechCrunch a followup, noting, “Apple buys smaller record companies from time to time, and we generally do not plead a purpose or plans.”

As for what those skeleton are, gripping Pop Up Archive handling as is doesn’t seem to be on a list. The startup abruptly sealed adult emporium late final month, a day after posting summary on Twitter seeking users to download all of their calm before then.

You’ve expected not listened of a company, unless this is a universe we follow closely. Pop Up Archive was founded behind in  2012 and has remained flattering tiny given then. We initial held breeze of it behind in 2014, when it seemed during a 500 Startups Demo Day. At a time, a association was demonstrating a apparatus that tags audio customarily transcribed textual data. A user uploads a podcast and it offers tags.

Sounds like a tiny thing, sure, though it’s a potentially critical one when you’re traffic with prolonged audio files. iTunes and a iPhone Podcast app could severely advantage from additional contextual search. It would go a prolonged approach toward anticipating and recommending calm around a service. At a moment, Apple’s recommendations are singular to identical shows. Pop Archive also confirmed Audiosearch, a podcast hunt engine that also sealed adult emporium on Nov 28.

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