Published On: Wed, Sep 20th, 2017

Apple bumps adult a a over-the-air download extent for apps to 150 MB

With a recover of iOS 11, Apple is creation it somewhat easier for iOS device owners to download incomparable apps over a mobile tie by augmenting a download limit. Before, Apple would need users to switch to Wi-Fi to download an app over 100 MB in size, that includes many games as good as Apple’s possess apartment of iWork applications. Now, that extent has increasing to 150 MB.

The change was announced in brief post on Apple’s developer website, and comes during a time when Apple has introduced new technologies for third-party developers that concede them to build protracted existence applications where practical objects can be overlaid on a genuine world, as in Pokémon Go.

But 150 MB is still a sincerely limiting limit, given a distance of many of today’s mobile games.

However, an boost on a download limitation has been a prolonged time coming, as 9to5Mac forked out. Apple hasn’t lifted a extent given 2013, when it bumped it adult from 50 MB to 100 MB. And iOS creatively had a 10 MB limit, if we wish to cruise how distant we’ve come.

It’s unclear, however, because there’s a extent during all instead of a setting.

Many iOS users currently have total information plans, and they should be means to select for themselves either or not they wish to use that information for downloading apps. And for those who don’t, carrying a extent in place could be a default – that would strengthen them from neglected information use for things like involuntary app updates, for example. (Facebook is mostly a law-breaker when it comes to large app updates, and it releases a new chronicle each integrate of weeks.)

But this is one of those cases where Apple seems to trust it’s improved to nuisance some users in sequence to strengthen others, as good as a pointed vigilance to developers about app sizes, it seems.

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