Published On: Tue, Sep 12th, 2017

Apple announces a wireless charging box for a AirPods

Apple announced a AirPods during a iPhone 7 launch event. A year later, Apple is already updating a wireless earbuds, good during slightest a case. Even nonetheless a AirPods are still backordered in many stores, a association only announced a new discretionary charging case.

The AirPods box still works and looks some-more or reduction a same. But a indicator light is now outward of a box so that we can check a standing of a battery though carrying to open a case. Why is that? Because we can only put it on a AirPower wireless charging pad and forget about it.

Previous AirPods box also had an LED, though it was located inside a case. It was blinking orange when it was charging and plain immature when it was done. It looked like this:

If we try to span your AirPods with an Android phone or a PC, we have to press a pairing symbol on a behind of a box until a LED blinks. The pairing routine is now reduction ungainly as we don’t have to keep a box open while we fiddle with your phone during a same time.

On Apple devices, we don’t have a same emanate as we only have open a box and span it with your phone once. It is afterwards automagically interconnected with all your Apple devices.

The AirPower horse is entrance subsequent year. So don’t design to be means to buy this discretionary AirPods box only yet.

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