Published On: Wed, Sep 27th, 2017

Apple and Google are still a many profitable tellurian brands, according to Interbrand

Tech companies continue to browbeat a Best Global Brands list combined by Interbrand.

The code consultancy has been releasing a list annually given 2000, and it says a rankings are formed on a multiple of a financial opening of a brand’s products and services, a brand’s change on consumer choice and a ability to authority a reward cost or profits.

With a new ranking, Apple and Google have claimed a series one and dual spots respectively for 5 years running. Meanwhile, Microsoft has changed adult to series 3 — in fact, Coca Cola is a usually non-tech code in a tip five.

Interbrand calculates that Apple’s code value has grown 3 percent, to $184 billion. Meanwhile, Facebook is a fastest-growing brand, adult 48 percent to $48 billion. And Netflix and have entered a list for a initial time, during #78 and $84 respectively.

Here are a tip 10 brands on a list. You can revisit a Best Global Brands page to see a full ranking.

  1. Apple ($184B)
  2. Google ($142B)
  3. Microsoft ($80B)
  4. Coca-Cola ($70B)
  5. Amazon ($65B)
  6. Samsung ($56B)
  7. Toyota ($50B)
  8. Facebook ($48B)
  9. Mercedes-Benz ($48B)
  10. IBM ($47B)

Featured Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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