Published On: Thu, Apr 27th, 2017

Apple A11 Allegedly Leaked Geekbench Score Tears Through a Competition, Including iPhone 7 Plus

Update: The Geekbench measure could be feign so remember to take it with a splash of salt. The latest chronicle of Geekbench regulating in iOS is chronicle 4.1.0 while a chronicle regulating here is chronicle 4.0.3.

Time and time again, we’ve seen a iPhone 7 Plus kick each flagship it stood adult against, including a newly expelled Galaxy S8. This would meant that a probable contender to kick it in real-world and benchmarking tests would be a next-gen iPhone 8 and a Apple A11 SoC. Now if a leaked Geekbench exam formula are to be believed, afterwards it looks like a iPhone 7 Plus is nowhere nearby a opening of Apple’s latest and biggest silicon.

Apple A11 Obtains 4000+ Points in a Geekbench Benchmarking Run – Nearly Crosses 9,000 Points in Multi-Core Results

A new benchmarking trickle from Geekbench apparently reveals a opening of a A11 chipset. According to a specifications, a A11 will be regulating a quad-core processor that is identical to a pattern of a A10 Fusion. Apple could be regulating dual high-performance cores (possibly regulating during 2.74GHz according to a information given in a image) that are interconnected with dual appetite fit cores to tackle reduction complete tasks.

Coming to a benchmark, a single-core exam formula uncover a A11 regulating past a foe and it obtains a sum measure of 4,537 points and scarcely reaching a 9,000-point figure in a multi-core exam results. For reference, we ran a Geekbench exam on a iPhone 7 Plus and posted a formula below. These are considerable scores, to contend a least, and they come during a time when a iPhone 8’s proclamation is still months away.

It an apparent suspicion that a A11 is going to be significantly faster than a A10 Fusion and interjection to a 10nm FinFET architecture, it is going to be even some-more fit that a previous-gen 14nm FinFET process.

Still, we’d suggest that we wait compartment central benchmarks of a phone are being run as Geekbench scores can simply be manipulated to trick a public.

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