Published On: Tue, Feb 9th, 2016, Mobile Strike & Amazon Scored The Top Spots Among Tech Companies’ Super Bowl Ads

A series of record companies took to a airwaves during final night’s Super Bowl 50 promote to make their names – and brands – improved famous among a mainstream audience. However, according to new information out currently from TiVo, that historically marks spectator rendezvous with Super Bowl ads opposite a network, a usually tech association to make into the list of a tip 10 Super Bowl ads was

Its argumentative announcement patrician “Moving On Up,” featuring Lil Wayne and Jeff Goldblum, was a #7 many enchanting ad, pronounced TiVo, descending in behind other renouned domicile names like Pepsi, Doritos, and Mountain Dew, for example.

The ad was also most-watched, when compared with those from other tech companies, pronounced TiVo. (That might not be a good thing, however, given that TMZ called out a announcement for being “low-key racist” for a depiction of Lil Wayne cooking cooking for George Washington, a former worker owner.)

TiVo says it determines a rankings formed on aggregated, anonymous, second-by-second assembly dimensions information from a representation distance of approximately 30,000 unknown households with TiVo’s service. Interest in an announcement is formed on what commission of a assembly is examination a ad in “play” speed.

The many enchanting ads are those that see a biggest boost in viewership relations to a viewership in a surrounding 15 mins of programming, a association also notes.

In further to, other tech companies whose ads did good with viewers embody Machine Zone’s $5 million ad for a Mobile Strike game featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, that ranked #2 out of all tech companies’ ads.

Next was’s ad promoting a connected orator Echo and a powers of a practical assistant, Alexa. Amazon actually expelled a few ads touting Echo, though it had never before advertised during a Super Bowl.

PayPal’s ad, “There’s a New Money in Town,” achieved well, too, as it snagged a fourth spot.

The full list is below.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 during 1.41.22 PM

If you’re wondering where GoDaddy was – a association pronounced it select not to publicize this year. The association claimed a preference was not due to a critique some of a former ads have generated, though rather since it no longer needs to work on lifting its brand awareness, according to an talk with Recode.

Here are a tip 5 ads in box we missed them:


      • Machine Zone

      • Amazon Echo

      • PayPal

      • Squarespace

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