Published On: Wed, Apr 22nd, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update Brings Museum Art Gallery, Weddings Season And Much More

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including a lapse of a much-loved art gallery in Blathers’ museum – as we had already kind of expected.

Plenty of special anniversary events are headed a way, bringing new characters, flora and a aforementioned art to your island. Things are kicking off on 23rd April, with all of these poetic goodies entrance to a game:

  • Leif’s Garden Shop – Nature-loving Leif will frequently revisit players’ islands to sell his multiplying collection of foliage, including shrubs and flower seeds. These musical equipment will assistance make any island bliss a small greener.
  • Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler – After downloading a giveaway update, Jolly Redd will spasmodic uncover adult in his vessel to sell in-game art, as good as seat with singular colors. Like in prior Animal Crossing games, players will have to figure out that art pieces are genuine and that are fake. After purchasing genuine art, players can present it to a island museum to open an art gallery, that will arrangement all forms of donated pieces, from paintings to sculptures.
  • Nature Day (April 23-May 4) – During a Nature Day period, special Nook Miles hurdles will be accessible that concentration on nature-inspired goals, such as planting trees and watering flowers.
  • May Day Tour (May 1-7) – In a initial week of May, players can use a one-time May Day Ticket during a island airfield to conduct out on a limited-time debate to an island that looks opposite than a common poser island tours. A special caller who looks informed competence also be there…
  • International Museum Day (May 18-31) – To applaud International Museum Day, players can take partial in a Stamp Rally. After receiving a special stamp card, players can suffer observation fish, insects and fossils while collecting stamps during a several museum exhibits to acquire an in-game reward.
  • Wedding Season (June 1-30) – During a nuptial-themed June, players can revisit Harvey’s island to accommodate a married integrate Reese and Cyrus, as good as assistance arrange and take anniversary photos with them in a wedding-picture studio. Players will get wedding-themed equipment as a token of their gratitude.
Animal Crossing New Horizons WeddingAnimal Crossing New Horizons Wedding

The updates mentioned seem to endorse some of a things rumoured in a new Animal Crossing datamine. Will all of those datamined things come true? We’ll have to wait and see.

Well, we know what we’ll be adult to for a subsequent few months! Are we excited? Of march we are. Share your thoughts with us in a comments below.

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