Published On: Tue, May 5th, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players Have Figured Out Another Item Duplication Glitch

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Not prolonged after Animal Crossing: New Horizons launched behind in March, players figured out a approach to transcribe equipment in-game. As we can imagine, a routine goes opposite a inlet of a game’s delayed and solid course character – and saves a actor a satisfactory few Bells in a routine – so Nintendo fast worked to patch it out with an update.

Now, though, players have detected another workaround that can be used to transcribe any 2×1 equipment that can be placed on tip of tables. To lift it off, you’ll need to have a 2×2 list in a core of a room, and afterwards have a 2×1 list subsequent to it with your selected object on top. From there, you’ll need to play around a bit in a game’s top-down organization perspective (the perspective we get when we press ‘Down’ on a D-Pad).

Here’s an reason from a folks during Siliconera:

If we place a items, press down to barter to a perspective where we see an beyond perspective of a room, afterwards reason a left shoulder symbol while dropping a 2×1 list with object on it around a core 2×2 table, a 2×1 list will automatically rotate. Exiting a chain mode, withdrawal a room, and returning will outcome in a 2×1 object on tip of a list still being in all those spaces.

You can see it in movement in a dual videos below.

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