Published On: Wed, May 6th, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Helps Pocket Camp Record Its Best Month Ever

Animal Crossing Pocket CampAnimal Crossing Pocket Camp

The success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons appears to have burnished off on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, with Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates divulgence a Nintendo mobile pretension gifted a best month ever in Apr and has pushed a sum lifetime actor spending habits past $150 million.

Downloads of Pocket Camp in a month of Apr reportedly grew by 547.8 percent compared to a prior month, while actor spending rose to $7.9 million – a best a been given Aug final year:

Sensor Tower Animal Crossing ChartSensor Tower Animal Crossing Chart© Sensor Tower

As we formerly noted, it’s not all that peculiar when we cruise how renouned Animal Crossing has turn with mainstream audiences over a past few months. Adding to this, Nintendo has also been compelling a special crossover eventuality – permitting players to accept a set of equipment in New Horizons if they redeem a formula from Pocket Camp on a Switch eShop.

To date, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has now amassed some-more than 44.8 million installs. This month was available as a second best-ever month in terms of downloads. The launch month (November 2017) still binds a record with 17.6 million downloads.

Sensor Tower Animal Crossing Chart 2Sensor Tower Animal Crossing Chart 2© Sensor Tower

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