Published On: Tue, May 19th, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Hackers Are Making Star Fragment Trees

Star Fragment Trees Animal CrossingStar Fragment Trees Animal Crossing@soguumm

Unless you’re glued to Animal Crossing: New Horizons flattering most 24/7, collecting a decent series of Star Fragments can unequivocally take a while. One of a reduction common crafting materials, Star Fragments can customarily usually be performed by wishing on a sharpened star, and are used to qualification special equipment such as a Star Wand.

That is, unless we confirm to penetrate a game, of course. As speckled by Animal Crossing World, a new trend has started to seem among Animal Crossing’s trade communities online, in that special trees holding equipment like Star Fragments, Hearts, Cupcakes, and some-more are being substituted for other singular goodies.

As penetrating players will know, trees can't reason equipment such as this in unchanging play. Trees in-game can reason a accumulation of fruit – and even Bells – though really not these rare, harder to obtain items.

Animal Crossing World says that ‘save editor hacking’ is a process being used to make this a reality, and while we’d advise that we don’t try this yourself – we’ve all listened a fear stories of Nintendo banning systems being used to do things that they shouldn’t – we contingency acknowledge that it does make for some poetic looking scenery.

Nintendo has been actively operative opposite hackers in Animal Crossing, indeed putting out a patch to fight them before a diversion had even strictly released. At a time, it was warned that players going online with cheats active should design bans.

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